If you're not in our service area you can still retain access to our knowledgeable trainers. Our online training program has all the tools you need to get a quality workout right from your own home. Whether you're training for a marathon, want to lose weight, or you you want to change up your workout program to make everyday life a little easier, Individually Fit has an online training program for you. 


Looking for a great workout but you don't want to fight the crowds at the gym? Individually Fit brings the workout to you at an affordable price. Our trainers customize your workout plan to help you reach your wellness goal. There are no expensive membership fees, no long-term contracts, and no hassle. You get a great workout at a great rate, including comprehensive fitness assessment to set you up for continued success.

           GROUP FITNESS

Group fitness is a way to join your friends or colleagues in an effort to motivate each other towards a great workout. Individually Fit is working on bringing the best in outdoor group fitness classes to the greater Seattle are. Check back on our website often for updates about this exciting workout opportunity or contact our personal trainers at 206-604-4982.



Individually Fit's science-based approach can effectively enhance your speed, strength, and endurance to increase your sports performance. Our trainers have all been competitive athletes and they know what it takes to train smart for your sport. Contact us today to find out about our sports performance program.



Chronic aches and pains can often be a direct result of muscle imbalances in the body. These complex muscle imbalances can impede joint movement, throwing the body's structure off balance. The expert trainers at Individually Fit use comprehensive assessments to pinpoint your impediment and improve your movement patterns with corrective exercises. Our programs are designed to address the problem, relieve the pain, and reduce the risk of injury.

           CPR & First Aid Training


Approximately 383,000 sudden cardiac arrests happen each year in the United States. Are you prepared to act in this situation?


Unfortunately, 70% of Americans are not prepared to act because they have never learned CPR or they have not practiced their skills.

With CPR & First Aid Training YOU can save a life!

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